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Adrian's Cinematography has been featured on CBS on the syndicated TV special called African American Short Films. Shorts made by black filmmakers include The Tombs,' 'The Lost One,' 'Looking the Wrong Way' and '3 Minutes.' below is a video links to works Adrian has either acted in or done the cinematography.


Traum by Brooklyn-based filmmaker Michael Fequiere. Centers on "an ex-cop, Adrian Luke Sinclair, who suffers from insomnia after losing his wife. He takes a newly designed sleeping pill that puts him through a series of intense dreams that reveal a terrible truth."

Looking The Wrong Way

Looking The Wrong Way Written and Directed by Tyriq Mustaqiym. Featured on The African American Short Film TV Special on CBS


Performance Reel

Too Late @ the Poets Den

  • Adrian Play's Uncle Man, His nephew has committed suicide because of his absentee father. Now he must face his own son's issues of coping with him being a absentee father

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  • "To win a war is just as disasterous as to lose one" - agatha christi Cicatrize is a screenplay written by Adrian, which tells a story of war seen through the eyes of an Iraqi ophan.

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